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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Shoot Seniors.

HIGH SCHOOL Seniors, that is! It always makes me laugh when I tell somebody who is not familiar with photo lingo that I shoot Seniors. I have to explain quickly lest scenes of care-center violence creep into their minds. I actually LOVE creating Senior Portraits. In order to try to spread out some of the spring rush, I'm offering the following bonuses until March 15, 2008:
*Receive 2 complimentary blog/myspace images on disk (NOT printable resolution) with any Senior Portrait purchase of $200 or more.
*Receive 25 complimentary 4x5 announcement inserts and 2 blog/myspace images with any Senior Portrait purchase of $400 or more.
Just ask for the "Blog Bonus" when ordering.
Also, I've got all sorts of cool new products for this year's seniors, including custom graduation announcements, signature yearbooks, and storyboard portraits. Call me if you are intrigued!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Best Idea Yet

As many of you already know, I have been extending referral bonuses to those of my fans who help spread the word about my little business. In the past, it has been a bit of a challenge keeping track of who referred who (whom?), but I've come up with a way to make things more organized and user-friendly. I now have Referral Certificates available for anyone who would like to take advantage of the Referral Bonus Program. For more information about the Referral Bonus Program, or to request your certificates, please email kris@kdportraits.com or call me (801) 556-1661.

Please remember these points about the program:
* The certificates are only valid for new clients - ones who have not used my portrait services before.
* In order to give a referral certificate, you must be a previous client, which means you have used my portrait services before.
* The certificates are only good as long as the Referral Bonus Program is still active, and I reserve the right to cancel the program at any time, at which time all unclaimed certificates will be invalid.

I hope this makes it easier for everyone to get the word out. Thanks so much!

A Unique Gift

This week I had the privilege of creating portraits for a friend and fellow photographer. She wanted to give her husband a Valentine gift of Boudoir portraits, and I asked if she would allow me to create them. I've always felt like this genre has great potential, but needs to be rethought and handled very sensitively. Most of the women I know, who might feel this kind of gift would be nice, are horror-stricken with the thought of baring their child-bearing bodies in front of a camera (myself included.) There has to be a way of making this kind of portrait classy, too, and timeless, with the tricky part being that if the kids do accidentally stumble across it, there isn't too much explaining that needs to be done. We had a great session, and I feel like the results are a great start to exploring this kind of portraiture. I understand that this is not for everyone, but if anyone is interested in a unique gift for their Valentine, I am extending 50% off intimate sessions through January 30. If you're not interested in intimate portraiture, a traditional individual portrait would also make a great gift! How long has it been since you had a portrait created of just yourself? All Valentine portraits must be ordered by February 2 to be guaranteed for delivery by February 14.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ah, January!

Now that the holidays are over, some people are starting to feel the "January Blues" or post-holiday let-down. Not me! I've been way too busy for the doldrums to set in yet. I've had several studio sessions that have kept me on my toes and grateful for my tiny front room that doubles as my studio. Here's a potpourri of individual portraits that have been my specialty this week. I love working one-on-one with people. I feel like I can strip down barriers that my subject may project in a group situation, and focus on what makes him/her unique. The individual is truly one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Return of Baby P

Here's a few more of Fabulous Mr. P. I love it when my clients make an effort to make their images personal. P's Mom really wanted a portrait done of her baby in his first Halloween costume (which if you know me well, I am ALL OVER!) I feel like portraits should mean more than just a description of the subject's face. They should tell stories; make the viewer want to know more about the subject. This is when photography becomes more than a job to me, and the portraits' value become immeasurable.

Merry Christmas, Baby!

Ok, I know I'm a bit slow getting this posted, but family issues have sort of taken control over the past couple weeks. I had to get this guy on my blog, though. This is baby P. He's in my First Year Club, and these are his 8-month portraits. I love my work when I am pushing and stretching to get something fun and new, and then WHAM! my subject starts interacting with me, and we get something really great. This is what I was kind-of going for: a nice, traditional pose of a very cute santa baby.

This is what P decided HE wanted to pose like, and I nearly couldn't keep the camera steady for laughing.

What an amazing little guy! I am so grateful I get to see him again in a few months. I can't wait to see what he does when he's able to walk! I have some great other images of this session that I'll post later... Tune in often!