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Monday, November 25, 2013

Gentlemen in Training

It seems like I have been working with a higher ratio of boys this fall. These boys were so much fun to photograph, even though the youngest referred to the whole experience to our mutual friend as "awful." You gotta love that kind of honesty. I am still trying to figure out if it's modernly possible to dibs one of these gentlemen for a future son-in-law. Hmmmm…. This is another series of portraits that are years in the making. K and I have been talking about her wall, and what kind of portraits to put there since we started working together in church about 3 years ago. It thrills me to the marrow that her dream will actually come true this week. Happy Thanksgiving, J family, and may you crush the opponents like gentlemen! :-)  photo IMG_9244.jpg  photo IMG_9247.jpg  photo IMG_9267.jpg  photo IMG_9269.jpg  photo IMG_9276.jpg  photo IMG_9430-1.jpg  photo IMG_9525.jpg PS How stunning is this guy in his new suit? They don't get any cooler than that.  photo IMG_9588.jpg  photo IMG_9612.jpg

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Smoke'Em and his girls

Sometimes when I sit down to do a blog post, my mind is a total empty desert scene with a tumbleweed blowing through it. I have never claimed to be talented at writing, or providing great content. I wish I was better at it. I wish I had something very clever and important to say about this session I was lucky enough to photograph, but really, I think the portraits say enough without my help. Brekke is genuinely one of the most generous and friendly people I know. She constantly lends me equipment when mine is on the fritz (which is like every.single.day) and then goes out and buys me chocolate and Coke Zero, and drives over an hour to get them to me just because she knows I like them. I hope one day to feel like I actually deserve you, B.  photo IMG_9687.jpg  photo IMG_9800.jpg  photo IMG_9765.jpg  photo IMG_9727.jpg  photo IMG_9884BW.jpg  photo IMG_0041.jpg  photo IMG_9998.jpg

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fancy Pants

I love the detailed care that went into designing this fellow photographer's portraits. Your family is adorable, Heather. Maybe you can design my next family session?  photo IMG_8523.jpg  photo IMG_8588.jpg  photo IMG_8366BC.jpg

Haunted Garage - Scarytales Edition

I have the coolest friends. One of my joys in life is being associated with a family who actually loves Halloween better than I do. They turn their garage into a spook alley every year, and there are people who naturally arrange their whole holiday around attending. Remember when they did Frankenstein's laboratory? This year they did a Scarytales theme complete with Snow White's Queen's dungeon, a haunted forest where the Big Bad Wolf chases Red Riding Hood, a very creepy Gingerbread house, and the lair of the Mistress of All Evil herself, Maleficent. Over the top is the only way to go, folks. Over and beyond.  photo 001IMG_8606B.jpg  photo 002IMG_8635.jpg  photo 003IMG_8550.jpg  photo 004IMG_8557.jpg  photo 005IMG_8645.jpg  photo 006IMG_8560.jpg  photo 007IMG_8674.jpg  photo 008IMG_8681.jpg  photo 009IMG_8688.jpg  photo 010IMG_8567B.jpg  photo 011IMG_8715B.jpg