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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Class of 2014

Graduation season is here. This marks the year that my oldest niece graduates and goes to college. Which means I'm old too now. Except I don't feel that way when I'm around M. In fact, I accidentally called her my cousin when we were shooting. That's us - two goofy cousins being silly in the city. M is an incredible musician (she asked for a violin when she turned 3) and dancer. It was so much fun being able to capture so much artistry in one session. Love you, M!  photo IMG_3613FB.png  photo IMG_3621FB.png  photo IMG_3642FB.png  photo IMG_3682FB.png  photo IMG_3706FB.png  photo IMG_3751FB.png  photo IMG_3800FB.png  photo IMG_3862FB.png  photo IMG_3886FB.png  photo IMG_3928.png photo IMG_4015.png