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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He's Here! (Utah Newborn Photography)

It is well known that the younger they are, the easier they are to work with. Take this little guy for instance - he was only a few days old at his photographic debut, and he slept through almost the whole session. It was really a piece of cake. However, if you miss those first few squishy days, is it too late to schedule a portrait session? Absolutely not. I didn't have my first two children photographed professionally until they were two months old, but those are still some of the most precious images in my albums. Thanks so much, C family for bringing me such a wonderful little head to sniff (ah, that newborn smell!)

Christmas Portrait Deadlines (Utah Children Photography)

Such cute little girls in my studio today. I'm so glad we were able to sandwich this little session in at the last minute. If you haven't already scheduled a portrait session, it is now too late to have your portrait created in time to get prints back by Christmas. Sad, I know. Every year I have someone call who has missed the deadline, and it is always disappointing. If you are thinking of ordering prints for Christmas, PLEASE get your order to me before the week ends. After this week, all new orders will not even be started until after the holidays. Call me at (801) 556-1661 or email kris@kdportraits.com to place your order.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It Is Your Destiny...

This is a portrait session that is seriously over a year in the making. There were so many things that got in the way - haircuts, kids growing to big for their costumes, schedules, weather, life.... I was starting to think it might never happen. It would become another one of those great big ideas of mine that shrivels into a what-if. Then fate stepped in, and the clouds cleared for one day. I had a Friday afternoon free that I could drive 4 hours there and back. Besides being some of the coolest kids on this planet, they were unbelievable actors. And could you just die over these costumes? As one artist to another, T, you rock the costume house. This kind of session makes me feel totally called to my station - man, I was just meant to do this kind of thing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Love (Utah Newborn Photography)

When this little family came in, I was overwhelmed with the aura of love surrounding them. How much love these parents have for their little boy! How much love this little guy has for his Mama and Daddy! I was honored to witness this bond, and it made me appreciate my dear little ones a little more fiercely. Thanks to you, all three!

I'm a big fan of the birth announcement/Christmas card combo. There's something about birth and Christmas that go hand in hand. Here's the beginning of an idea... oh, and those aren't his real stats and name - just for idea purposes.

More Costumes (Utah Children Photography)

I know Thanksgiving is two weeks away, but I have to post some more awesome Halloween costume portraits. He's a Beetle (can't remember which one!) and she's Tinkerbell, of course. Oh, and Luke is a mailman (or Newman as his boy calls him! Ha ha ha...) Thanks, K for letting me play.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Portraits a'la Halloween

I think I was supposed to be related to these guys, and somehow the delivery got mixed up. They took me up on my Post-Halloween costume session special ($10 for the session, good until November 15th.) and asked if I'd do the portraits in their haunted house that they constructed in their garage. Apparently this is a yearly tradition, and it was too busy on the actual holiday for them to get any photos. I am so glad they called for two reasons - 1: it would be a total travesty if all this hard work went undocumented. The details involved in every corner were just amazing. 2: this kind of thing is so much fun for me. I love a challenge, and trying new things. Breaking the rules is so refreshing once in a while.

P fam, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. You can tell by how many images I'm posting how much fun I'm having with them. Thanks so much for this treat!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

At Home and Real (Utah Maternity Photography)

This maternity portrait of a good friend of mine is as much about saying goodbye as it is about saying hello. She just sold her home, and wanted some images of her family there, so they could remember it after they've moved on. I love how these images capture the peace and solidity of their family in spite of how much change is going on around them. I can't wait to say "Hello!" to Mr. Peanut in a couple weeks (or less, if you get lucky!)

I have a fantastic idea for a Christmas card with this image. It involves sugar plum visions and children all nestled and snug in bed.... let's chat after we get some good portraits of Baby Brother to go with it!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's just not fall until... (Utah Family Photography)

...I photograph the H family. Seriously, it has become as much of a tradition as pumpkin pie and turkey. Thanks, A for being so patient while I processed these. The rest are ready for you to view at my studio, so call or email me for an appointment. Love you guys!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone gets lots of candy and makes many memories. Love, Kris

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fearless 2.0 (Utah Family Photography)

Just the second half of the S family's portraits. Sorry, B, but I'm not going to type much for you. The pictures speak for themselves, I think. Like I said, H's best session to date. Thanks and hugs.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Seniors and Spacemen (Utah Senior Portraits, Utah Child Photography)

I didn't have time to throw together a Halloween event this year, so this may be the luckiest kid around, since he alone gets awesome costume portraits. How fun is this costume? And lets talk about his sister who is a Senior this year: BABE! I know I'm not real eloquent right now.... bear with me as I'm trying to post/process like a mad woman.

By the way, I just decided right now that if you want portraits of your kid(s) in their Halloween costumes AFTER the 31st, I will do location costume sessions for only $10 (throw in as many kids as you want, regular print prices apply) through November 15th. The only reason I'm doing this is because I know how much effort goes into those costumes, and if anything deserves a professional portrait, those kids do. And I happen to LOVE kids in costumes... My kids' will be posted sometime before Christmas, I hope.

Kodak Gallery Awards and other IPPA awards

Well, I'm still trying to frantically recover from missing 4 days of work due to the IPPA annual convention and print competition. I know there are several of you out there waiting to hear how I did, so I thought I'd post my results for you. Here are each of my entries, and what they won.

"Meet me in the Orchard at Dawn" Kodak Gallery Award: also second place wedding, Regional level and second place album, State Level.

"Threads of the Past" Kodak Gallery Award: also, first place Pictoral, State Level

"Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way" first place Photojournalism, State Level: second place Commercial, Regional Level.

"Splendor in the Grass" No awards.

The thing I consider the most satisfying, however, is the award I almost won. The photographer with the highest-scoring print case received Regional and State Photographer of the Year. The winner, Ted York, scored 331. My print case scored 330 points... So close! Congrats to Ted, though, as he is one of the nicest people I know, and totally deserves such a fitting title. Check out his work here. I did qualify for the Court of Honor, which consists of the top 5 Master Photographers, and top 5 General Photographers in the Intermountain Region.