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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back to School Portrait Event - Grandma's Garden 2014

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I am now taking reservations for the Back to School Portrait event in Grandma's Garden. This event has become a yearly tradition and I have to say the garden is looking amazing this year! Grandma has spared no expense making it a paradise for kids and photographers alike. It's such a relaxed and fun environment - many times my subjects forget they are there for a portrait session, instead of just to play. The lush garden and the bare-foot atmosphere are a perfect recipe for portraits that have no equal among the school-provided clone images.

Back to School Portrait sessions are available weekday evenings from now through August 30th. Here are the details:
Sessions are for school-aged children, and will be scheduled weekday evenings.
Session fee of $39 is required to reserve the 1-hour session, and is non-refundable but transferrable as credit.
All printed portraits and digital file prices can be found by clicking *here*.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super Elder and his Trusty Sidekick

 photo IMG_4173.png  photo disiqueria4.jpg  photo blogcollge1.png  photo blogcollge2.png  photo blogcollage2-4.png  photo IMG_2340BLG.png  photo blogcollage1-4.png Dear T&G, You are so lucky to have each other. I've told you a hundred times, but I'm going to say it again (hopefully the more I say it, the more likely it'll come true) - I hope my kids will be grow up as close as you two are. I can't believe I've been photographing you for 8 years already. I thought I'd post your first portrait for nostalgia's sake. G, you are going to rock it in Guatemala - you have an incredible strength of will. I remember how hard it was to get you to smile for the camera when you were young. That steadfastness will be an incredible asset in the next couple years and beyond. I will consider myself very blessed if I'm still photographing you both 8 years from now, and maybe by then I'll know more about Pokemon or the Doctor so I don't make a fool of myself trying to sound cool. God knows and loves you both, and so do I. -Kris

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Springtime Angels

 photo IMG_3052.png  photo blogcollage2-3.png  photo blogcollage1-3.png  photo IMG_3023.png Dear Sue, Every year when the spring blossoms go nuts, and Grandma's Garden is decked out in pink and lavender, I always have this pit of anxiety in my stomach that I'll miss it and not do any sessions in the prime of the year. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing me your stunningly beautiful granddaughters at the peak of bloom season so I didn't have a panic attack. These little sisters and cousins were such a delight to play with in the garden. As I was processing and posting them today, my girls were asking me when they could play with your girls again. I know I've succeeded when a portrait session feels more like a play-date! -Kris

Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's not take this too seriously - Class of 2014 senior portraits

 photo blogcollage1-2.png  photo blogcollage3-1.png  photo blogcollage2-2.png Dear Parker, What can I say about our photo excursion except that I sincerely hope I have the privilege of photographing you for the rest of your life? Your "let's not take this too seriously" attitude is so refreshing - not to mention you're an absolute circus to photograph. My heartfelt best wishes for sunny skies and allies that don't smell like urine in your (undoubtedly fun) future. See you next month with your family! -Kris

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweet Girls and Sweet Blooms

 photo blogcollage1-1.png  photo blogcollage2-1.png  photo IMG_3575.png Dear I., You are so loyal to my work - a fact that endears you and your girls to my heart. I love that you make it a priority to have portraits made of yourself, too. So many times mothers are too self-conscious and too critical of themselves, and they resist being in front of the camera. But photographs are recorded history: and you seem to recognize as I do that the only way we will be remembered is by the documented proof that we were here. It is always a joy to photograph you three - and I love your sweet flower dresses this spring! They were perfect for Grandma's Garden. Thanks so much for continuing to trust me with your portraits. -Kris

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Whitney + Jared - May 31, 2014

 photo blogcollage1.jpg  photo blogcollage2.jpg  photo 368_WWC2-0663.jpg  photo blogcollage3.jpg Dear Jared and Whitney,
Your wedding should be the handbook for anyone getting married on how weddings should be done. The day was absolutely perfect and every detail existed to support the overriding theme of absolute adoration you two have for each other. After sharing the day with your families, it was pretty obvious to me how you both turned out to be such stellar people. Whitney, if I ever get the opportunity to dance at one of my kids' weddings, I hope to have as much style and enthusiasm as your parents! It was my most sincere honor to be able to document this sacred day for you two. Thank you so much for allowing me to be there.