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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweet Girls and Sweet Blooms

 photo blogcollage1-1.png  photo blogcollage2-1.png  photo IMG_3575.png Dear I., You are so loyal to my work - a fact that endears you and your girls to my heart. I love that you make it a priority to have portraits made of yourself, too. So many times mothers are too self-conscious and too critical of themselves, and they resist being in front of the camera. But photographs are recorded history: and you seem to recognize as I do that the only way we will be remembered is by the documented proof that we were here. It is always a joy to photograph you three - and I love your sweet flower dresses this spring! They were perfect for Grandma's Garden. Thanks so much for continuing to trust me with your portraits. -Kris


Anonymous said...

Of course, my lovely daughter-in-law and her darling girls are awesome subjects for any photographer, but this one seems to have the magic touch that really captures the spirit of her subjects. Thank you for sharing!
Gramma S <3

Kris Doman said...

Wow, Thanks Gramma S! That is high praise indeed coming from a Grandmother.