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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

She works hard for her money

I have a new semi-permanent assistant/apprentice. Her number one job on my sessions is to hold my light so the wind doesn't knock it down. She is really loving the photographic education she is receiving; and especially on this session, she has been instrumental in helping me to get great expressions. She has been absolutely priceless in my business this fall. Oh, and did I mention she earns FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS every time she helps me? And is absolutely thrilled with her wages? I don't know what I'm going to do when she turns 12 and asks for a raise…

I love missing teeth. LOVE it. Missing teeth is my favorite age to photograph. It was an honor, K family, to help with these, and I really hope next time we can do it in warmer weather so everyone feels more like themselves. Call me this spring, ok?  photo IMG_8896.jpg  photo IMG_8939C.jpg  photo IMG_8921.jpg  photo IMG_9083.jpg
I love it when people just do stuff I never would have thought of. It almost never fails that it turns out to be my favorite image of the session.
 photo IMG_9056-1.jpg

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