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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How cute is the baby?

This little charmer is the firstborn of one of my most loyal clients and friends, and I am always humbled by their continued faith in me. One of the few who followed me through my journey last year and back again. I will never forget it, guys.
 photo IMG_9193.jpg
This cute!
Here is one of the anniversary portraits I did for them five years ago:  photo IMG_9214-1.jpg
And here is their little family now:  photo IMG_9172.jpg Can't you just imagine the next one five years from now? Cool, huh! I totally geek out over stuff like this.
Oh, and here's some more of those amazing smiles and dimples.
   photo IMG_9065.jpg  photo IMG_9047.jpg  photo IMG_9077.jpg

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