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Monday, June 30, 2008

When over-shooting pays off

I am a total "over-shooter." In photography lingo, that means someone who takes WAY too many images in one session. This session was no exception, but I realized why I over-shoot most of the time. I just keep triggering that shutter button until I feel like I've acheived something special. The little one in these images is only about two months old, and we had a tall bill to fill: Family portraits, sibling portraits, blessing-dress portraits... I knew it was a lot to expect going into the session, but I was determined to do the most that I could for this long-time friend of mine. Well, things started off well enough, but little A really didn't want to cooperate until the last five minutes of a nearly 2.5-hour portrait marathon. When she did calm down, though, she was GOLDEN, and I finally acheived that "sweet" mark when I feel like we're done. When clients ask me how long they should expect a portrait session to last, I always give a rough estimate, but the truth is we are done when I hit gold.
P.S. Many many thanks to the P family for being so patient with me the whole time, and for being so easy to photograph! Also, many thanks to our mutual friend A, for connecting us after so many years.


Rachelle's site said...

They are soo beautiful!!! I love them! Thanks so much!

Ann Marie said...

As always, adorable picts!

Katie said...

I love the blessing pic. There is just something so special about babies in their blessing outfits. Plus I love the dress!

Kris Doman said...

Yes, the dress is awesome! It was hand-made by the babies grandmother.