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Friday, April 29, 2016

Aint It Romantic

Is there anything as romantic in this world as spring? I could photograph trees in bloom For.Ev.Er, but unfortunately, they are almost done for the year. Actually, on second thought, my gorgeous cousin and her sweet fiance are more romantic than blossoming trees. These guys make me want to break out in song a'la classical musicals. What song do you think fits them best? "Till there was you" "One Enchanted Evening" "You Were Meant For Me" "If I loved You"? Got another suggestion?  photo 160402kitchen_0109-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0174-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0380-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0640B.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0152-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0025-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0273-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0258-Edit.jpg  photo 160402kitchen_0482-Edit.jpg

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Tamara said...

I know it's not from a musical (to my knowledge), but I'd like to suggest "When I Fall in Love" by Nat King Cole :)