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Monday, February 8, 2016

Competition Season is Here Again (Or, How I Drive Myself Insane Every Year)

I just realized I hadn't blogged last year's photographic competition results. This was the first year I entered two categories, so I entered eight images instead of four. Here are my images and the results:

These are the images for my Photographic Open case:  photo 3275-2.jpg  photo 3275-3.jpg  photo 3275-4.jpg  photo 3275-1.jpg
I had one image accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection, and the other three were accepted into the General Collection. I was honored as a Silver Medalist at IPC this year.

And, my images for my first-ever Artist case. The Artist category is judged by how well you put elements together to create an original piece of art. That is why the guide (or original) images are included in the presentation - so the judges can see how well they've been manipulated. It's a beast of a category, but I'm actually really enjoying the challenge. I am hoping after a few more years of competing in this category to receive my third and final degree from PPA: Master Artist.
 photo 7056-4.jpg  photo 7056-3.jpg  photo 7056-2.jpg  photo 7056-1.jpg
The results for my Artist case were the same as my Photographic Open case: Three general collection, one Loan collection: Silver Medalist.
I had so many people help me with modeling, ideas, construction, and refinement for these images. I feel very blessed to be a part of a group of incredibly supportive and talented people. I accompanied many of them in January to Atlanta for Imaging USA, where I was recognized for the two silver medals, but more impressively, was given the Imaging Excellence Award for my cumulative competition work. That was a huge deal for me - wrapping up my last 10 years of photographic competition with a big bow.
 photo IMG_7683.jpg
Now that the sweet dust of recognition has fallen, however, it is now time to start putting together this year's cases, and pulling out eight more images to do it all over again. SIGH! It's all good, though, and I can't imagine not showing up every year: not stretching myself past my comfort zone and learning how to make things better in both my capture and post-production phases. It's a journey that has brought me great joys and great pains, but most importantly has given me the tools to be creative like I want to be. Nose to the grindstone, I guess. Wish me luck for this year!

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