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Friday, January 30, 2015

Unusually warm winter makes great portrait opportunities

 photo 141212ovard_083.jpg  photo 141212ovard_170B.jpg  photo 141212ovard_225.jpg  photo 141212ovard_319B.jpg Man, only a couple of weeks of cold and then can you believe this crazy winter? It's been so mild and relatively warm - I can't complain about our January now! Being a photographer is definitely a seasonal job, but this winter it has been incredibly easy to make great portraits in spite of the bare trees and cold. This session was done last December when it was 55 degrees, and even though we had a bit of chilly wind, it was still so much easier than it could have been. I love the tones and color harmony of this family's clothes and the background. I had the distinct privilege of getting to see the final framed portrait in G's home, and I'm telling you, nothing beats seeing that finished portrait in it's place on the wall! Thanks, O family for all the great fun and amazingly easy faces to photograph.

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