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Friday, October 17, 2014

Better Than a Stick in the Eye (Utah Family Photographer)

 photo 140915Erickson_217B.png  photo 140915Erickson_036B.png  photo 140915Erickson_141B.png  photo 140915Erickson_275B.png  photo 140915Erickson_302B.png  photo 140915Erickson_430B.png  photo 140915Erickson_344B.png Poor little guy actually did get a stick in the eye right before we started shooting. He bounced back quite nicely, though, as you can see. I love that this session was a month ago, and the fall color was just as spectacular then as it is now. It really just depends on the location, and I spend a LOT of time in the car in the fall finding the perfect location for each session. I'd actually love to go back to this location now that the leaves are all on the ground - it would look totally different but just as breath-taking. Any takers? Thanks, K for trusting your family to me! :-)

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