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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning? An Excalibur Portrait adventure.

When we were doing the conceptual work for this session, we talked about these little Ragamuffins loving classic musicals like Newsies, Annie, and Oliver. And although we had a lot of already-made pieces for the costumes, they still took many many hours to shred, age, and dirty. I love the end result almost as much as I loved spending an hour with these absolutely precious little children. They are just as sweet as they look - no Photoshopping trickery there! :-)  photo IMG_1856.png  photo IMG_1999.png  photo IMG_1947.png  photo IMG_1921.png  photo IMG_2081.png  photo IMG_2048-1.png  photo IMG_1923.png  photo IMG_2037.png  photo IMG_2089.png

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