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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Focus on the Family

 photo _MG_7466.png  photo IMG_7487.png  photo IMG_7556blog.png  photo IMG_7607blog.png  photo IMG_7876blog.png  photo IMG_7908blog.png  photo IMG_7928.png When I do a family session, my goal is to get at least three good images from which to choose a final large print. I vary backgrounds and poses so there are plenty of options. Sometimes I end up with more good stuff than I was going for, which was definitely the case with S&T. I don't know how you could choose between these and only end up with one. I guess that's why albums and wall collages are so popular right now. Anyway, I am at my best when I'm working with people I love, in a setting that I love (oh, and what a location! How I wish I lived closer to it so I could use it more often!). It really is a spectacular thing I get to do for my job. I can't thank you guys enough for being so generous, not only with all the chocolate and cheese, but also just in your friendship and loyalty. I can't wait to see your little family grow up behind my lens! :-)


Lara Corbridge said...

Love, Love, Love! Can't wait to have one hanging on my wall! I am truly in awe every time I see your work, but more in awe to see you at work. You are amazing!

Tammy and Rich said...

These are so amazing, Kris! I love your work, and the way you capture the true essence of your subjects in your images, whether they be human, animal, or nature!