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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Prettier than you think

When you think of fall portraits, naturally you are going to think of the bold, bright colors of leaves in brassy, flaming warm tones. It's pretty obvious why October is my number one month for sessions out of the whole year. But I also think there is no good reason for poor November to get the ugly step-sister reputation. I am actually quite captivated by her pastel and desaturated color palette. Oh, and that palette lasts pretty much all winter into late March, so compared to the brief bloom season of some of my favorite locations in the summer, it's very easy to access. This year I developed an obsession with rabbit brush. I love the way light catches it from behind, and its neutral palette that matches anything. I love how soft blues, greys, and tans look - especially when adding contrast with bold colors in clothing. It's pretty perfect. Anyway, thanks to the W family who are absolutely charming both on screen and off. This dad impressed me with his natural, easy fathering and modeling skills. And Mom is sincerely one of the best people in the world. Oh, and whether or not it was intentional, their son has a Star Trek name. Win - the end.  photo IMG_9325.jpg  photo IMG_9278.jpg  photo IMG_9383B.jpg  photo IMG_9285.jpg  photo IMG_9468.jpg  photo IMG_9487.jpg

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