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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cosplay for Kids

I could spend every month just making costumes and photographing them. This October has been the best I've ever had. I love saying "yes" to my kids. It's the best part of having talents and creativity - to spoil them with their dreams! Here are my adorable kids in their Halloween finery.
Cinderella's mice friends worked very hard to make this dress for the ball. In the movie it gets torn apart by her jealous stepsisters. Fortunately, we all get along swimmingly in our family, so Cinderella was able to enjoy her rodent-sewn gown for longer than a few moments.
 photo IMG_0611.jpg  photo IMG_0639B.jpg  photo IMG_0762.jpg
Strong, fiercely independent, and fully capable of taking care of herself: Catwoman has always been one of my favorite comic book characters. My eldest was going to be a video game character, and at the last minute changed her mind and her costume. It was so much easier to pull off anyway, I had no objections. We argued over the boots, but she won in the end with the argument, "They will just photograph better!" Darn - she knows me too well.
 photo IMG_0788.jpg  photo IMG_0796.jpg  photo IMG_0905.jpg
If you suggest he is Zelda, you may get an earful about the entire Hyrule legends and lore. He is in fact Link, the hero of all the Legend of Zelda games - specifically from The Twilight Princess. His sword and shield are his Christmas presents, but we let him use them for Halloween (just like last year!) He is half-way between epic and adorable. I don't know how many costumes he'll still want, as he'll be going into Middle School next year. I had to put everything into what might be his last one.
 photo IMG_8191.jpg  photo IMG_8223B.jpg  photo IMG_8256.jpg

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