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Friday, September 20, 2013

Location Spotlight - The Orchard

When looking for a location last spring for one of my Excalibur Portraits, my husband casually suggested I call his Uncle Mike who has an apple orchard. My response was something like this: "We've been married 15 years, 14 of which I've been a photographer, and you are just NOW telling me that you have an uncle with an apple orchard?!" After creating some exquisite Snow White portraits there last spring, I knew I wanted to feature this exclusive location when the apples were ready for harvest this fall. The unique thing about this orchard is its location - just in an unsuspecting neighborhood in Sandy. I have driven 30+ miles to find trees like this, and haven't used anything that remotely compares to it. I love the magical lighting that filters through the trees, the intense colors, and the long grass that makes the whole location a pretty spectacular place for portraits. The apples will be harvested in about 10-12 days from now, so if you want images like these, you better jump on it. Thank you a million times over, Uncle Mike, for being so wonderful, patient, and willing to share you heaven with me.

 photo IMG_6535B.jpg  photo IMG_6276.jpg  photo IMG_6304.jpg  photo IMG_6489-1.jpg  photo IMG_6377.jpg  photo IMG_6400.jpg  photo IMG_6324.jpg  photo IMG_6550.jpg  photo IMG_6558.jpg

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