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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A new way for Newborns

It's not a secret that my specialty is not newborn babies. It's not that I don't like photographing the sweet tiny things, but it's more that I'm slightly disenchanted with the style of baby photography that is really popular right now. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers here - just personally, I love creating images with meaning and personalization, and most of the props and poses that I see for little ones' portraits leave me wondering, "What is the significance of that?" Anyway, when my sister had her baby girl, I asked if I could come into her home and create some images that I thought would fit the "meaning" and "significance" bills. I was very pleased with the result, and am now determined to carry this experiment further. All I need now is some more babies… Sisters? (ha ha ha!)

 photo IMG_4031.jpg  photo IMG_4039.jpg  photo IMG_4065B.jpg  photo IMG_4077.jpg  photo IMG_4087.jpg  photo IMG_4095B.jpg  photo IMG_4123.jpg  photo IMG_4131B.jpg  photo IMG_4148.jpg  photo IMG_4152B.jpg  photo IMG_4173B.jpg  photo IMG_4197.jpg


Shauna said...

So beautiful!

michelle said...

I have a sister and two sister-in-laws expecting. One is due for twins anytime now.

Sarah Stiles said...

We call this "Lifestyle", and it really is beautiful:-) Great job, Kris. Sadly, I have no little babies for you to play with:(

KelliO said...

Yep, as Michelle said, you can use my baby in February. :)