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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Announcement

You've probably noticed that the blog has been pretty quite lately. The reason for this is that I am moving. My business, KD Portraits, is merging with Highlite Photography in Gardner Village this fall. I am so excited I'm having a hard time sleeping! My life-long dream of having a storefront studio is finally coming true.

A few of my best clients that I've told about the move have given me the same reaction: PANIC! Everyone is really worried that I won't be doing their portraits anymore. This is absolutely NOT the case. I will still be creating the same highest-quality work, but now I will finally have a professional and gorgeous setting from which to meet, with regular business hours. I also have complete access to a full team of highly trained people to support me and conduct the everyday tasks of running a business. This means my clients will get phenomenal customer service and faster turnaround times on their custom portraiture. It's seriously the coolest thing to ever happen to KD Portraits, and the real winners will be those of you who have been so loyal from the very start of my career. Really, the only difference will be how you contact me. I will be at kris.highlite@gmail.com or (801) 568-1749.

Of course, with moving comes logistics and minutia that must be attended to. Here's the skinny on moving my business:

All portrait sessions and weddings that were photographed before January 2011 will be removed from my archives (meaning I will be getting rid of EVERYTHING - negatives, cd's, digital files, etc.) If you would like to purchase the packet of negatives/files and a printing license, I am selling archived sessions for only $35 each. This includes weddings and special events. Click the "email me" button above right to contact me for your archived session. If I don't hear from you by September 30, I will assume they aren't important to you, and will toss them in the recycling bin.

Prints from sessions that were photographed after January 2011 will still be available for purchase through Highlite Photography at their prices. Just call the desk to arrange an ordering appointment: (801) 569-1749.

I will not be selling anything through KD Portraits after September 30th for tax purposes, so everything must be taken care of before that date.

I would love for you to come check out my new home at Highlite Photography in Gardner Village. There are boutique shops, antique stores, a day spa, Archibald's Restaurant, and all sorts of fun things to do there. My kids thought me getting a job there was like me working at Disneyland. They have nicknamed Sweet Afton's Candy Store, "Honeydukes" (Harry Potter fans will know the reference.) There are some really fun events coming this fall, especially the crazy popular Witches Night Out. Come visit me and make a day of it! Hope to see you all soon.


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