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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Holidays are like 100 times better with kids. All of them. My kids and I had what I'm sure they will consider one of their favorite photo sessions of all time in preparation for their personalized Valentine cards. We assembled the boxes while listening to crazy pirate music (Cap'n Bogg and Salty - these guys are my favorite pirate rock band) and then I just let them frolic around in the studio doing what they do best - being silly and goofy and so creative. The result was awesome, and we all have an incredible memory to go with these images. I have a place in my dining room reserved for one framed holiday portrait (my goal is to get one for every holiday eventually) and now I have the perfect Valentine decoration for that spot!! Here's love to everyone out there today!

PS - thanks to my friend Brekke for snapping a quick one of us together for Daddy!

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