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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Channeling Soderberg (Utah Family Photography)

There are probably only 5 or 6 people who will understand this post. Maybe it was the wicker chair, or the blue and brown backdrops, or the humongous softbox, but this session made me totally nostalgic for my adopted family from Soderberg Photography. I was incredibly lucky to have such an amazing experience to start my career. The five years I worked as a sales associate in that little studio did more ground-tilling and seed-planting for my current station than anything before or since. I feel extremely fortunate to still be BFF's with the women (and Kent!) with whom I worked. Missing you guys (especially you, Scott) this holiday season. May your pot roast not burn... and if it does, just don't tell anyone.

To the H family, thank you so much for your trust in creating your first "official" family portrait. Your little one is an absolute delight. I hope you enjoyed your pancakes! :-) I will have your online gallery ready to view your previews in about a day.

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Allison Watkins said...

Those were truly magical times of which I will also be forever grateful! Scott would be tickled pink with your images.