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Friday, July 29, 2011

If You'll Fork-give, I'll Fork-get (Utah Family Photography)

I have only two things to say about this family: Mystery Men and Rootbeer Floats. Could there be a family more kindred to my own? I think not. I have the feeling this is the first of many hilarious and wonderful portrait sessions with these fine folk. Just remember, I will keep dreaming - and when I wake up you better hope you're... asleep!

Looking at these wonderful spring blossoms, I can't help thinking we only have about three more months left until things aren't pretty outside anymore. Sheesh! I feel like I just barely stopped waiting for the good weather, and now it's almost gone! If you are contemplating any type of location portrait session, please don't put it off for too much longer.

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aurra said...

What a great family! They could only be from a state far, far away....(hmmm, maybe Virginia!). Love all of their cute family photos. Can't believe how grown up the kids are, where does the time go. They all look so wonderful in those beautiful blossom settings. I am jealous I didn't get a spring blossom photo shoot in this year!