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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dumbledore's Army (Utah Child Photography)

Potter Fever is hitting an all time high in my house. We are anxiously counting down the hours and minutes until what has to be the biggest movie premiere in our house-hold history. Last month I did some portraits of our favorite Hogwart's students, and despite spells being blasted left and right, we had a great time. Thanks to all my wizards and witches for being willing to take time out of their studying for my muggle photos. How I wish with all my heart I knew how to make these images move! Here's to you Harry, and all the great things JK Rowling has done for literature, the truly magic at heart, and those of us who are still hoping for our Hogwarts letters.

PS I think I'm more excited for Neville's big moment in this movie than any other scene!! What scene are you dying to see?


Erin said...

These are darling. LOVE Harry Potter. It was fun chatting with you last night. We will have to have you over after we move and are kind of neighbors.

aurra said...

Those pictures are more powerful than you can possibly imagine! We love Dumbledore's army! And dang those robes look good. You must have drummed up some magic for those! We love all the texturing, text, borders and finishing on those portraits, and the fabulous models too....so magical! Well done!!!