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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen! (Utah child photography)

Our grand circus event was a blast! Thanks for all the participants who put so much time and effort into their costumes. And thanks so much for coming! I think everyone had a great time with the Balloon-Animal-Grandma. Now it is time for everyone to vote for best costume. The winner will receive a small canvas wall portrait, so tell everyone you know to vote either here, (by leaving a comment) or on my Facebook page. You needn't have been involved to cast your vote - the more votes the better! Voting ends June 19.

This is my vote for most awesome costume. This little dog-trainer even trained her dog in TWO DAYS to jump through the hoop. Such attention to detail deserves a wall portrait!!

Cheetah tamer and High Dive Act

Snake Charmer and Concession Vendor

Mime and Leopard Trainer

Tightrope Walker

Monkey Trainer with Monkey and Rainbow Clown

Lion Tamer

Horseback Riders and Lion "Whisperer"

Troupe of Clowns

The rest of these amazing kids aren't eligible for the prize (my kids!) but I had to show you how cute their costumes turned out anyway - my Ringmaster was especially awesome with his red mustache. I can't believe we found a mustache the same color as his hair! The costume gods were smiling upon us for sure. My stilt-walker has been practicing for months and is getting pretty good at it.

And of course my pouty horse rider who did not get enough attention earlier... So sorry babe! I am going to re-shoot my own kids later as I just didn't get what I wanted from them. Thanks again everyone, and vote by posting a comment!


aurra said...

So many cute circus performers! Love the adorable snake charmer, perfect performing mime, the amazing tight-rope walker, cheesy cheetah trainer and all the totally cute clowns! And if I can't vote for the red, ravishing stilt walker or the wonderfully, pouty horse rider (thanks for shooting me last mom!) then, can I cast a very costume biased vote for the doggy and his fine, feathered trainer? Her royal high-diverness would be a very close second! Thanks for a very fun shoot!

Ninums said...

I really like all of these! What a fun menagerie of circus carnies! I wouldn't be a good Mom if I didn't vote for the snake charmer first, and the consessions vendor second. Next to these two rascals, I like the high dive act and the dog trainer and love the grassy fields behind the tight rope artist. The clowns were fun too. (Costumes were done four days notice and turned out darling!) We had a really fun time. What a great idea! Let's do more (When I'm not in labor!)

Mandella Green said...

Dog trainer...definately

Alisi Stone said...

I also think the dog trainer is the cutest most creative costume....my second choice would be a tie between the mime and the cheetah tamer....great costumes.....loved it!

Aubri said...

I too like the dog trainer...

Blogmongery said...

Love the dog trainer...so cute and fun.

ann marie said...

Doggie Trainer is my vote. So creative!
To the photographer - very beautiful photos (all of them) --- fun idea!
Ann Marie

Allie said...

I Vote for - Cheetah Tamer and High Dive Act - Adorable!