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Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Loving Memory

I just want to take a minute and publicly honor three wonderful people who left our lives this week:

Theron Nestripke

Theron has always been and will always remain my number one fan. His family are as much family to me as my own flesh and blood, and he will be missed immensely. My gut has been all tied in knots all week thinking about his wife and children he left behind. Nearly twenty years of memories I could recall, but I think my favorite is the way he would pull me aside every time I came into the house and tell me about the next referral he was sending my way. I'm sure he's still talking me up on the other side, and if they could use portraits over there, I'm willing to bet he'd find a way to hire me.

Grandma-ma (Norlyene Harding)

I'm sure Grandma-ma had one of the best family reunions ever when she quietly slipped through the veil last weekend. She lost her Mother and brother in a car accident when she was 10 years old, and her son just a few years ago, and thinking of all those awesome loved ones, along with her father, greeting her and welcoming her home has made it impossible for me to be sad about her parting. She was one cool Granny! She was a pilot, an artist, and a dotting Grandma. I'll never forget going to the ballet, the symphony, and the opera with her. She is one of the major reasons I am an artist today, as well as the one who first started calling me Kris. Love you Grandma-ma!

Lloyd Wright

I had the humbling honor of creating a family portrait for this great Patriarch a few years back, but never really knew him personally. I do, however, know of him through his daughter Ann, who has been a good friend ever since we moved into our neighborhood. Brother Wright was one of those amazing Salt of the Earth people who left a legacy of love that will endure for generations. The stories of strength, wisdom, and good nature that I have heard about him fill me with hope for all mankind. He was the kind of person who changed the world just by living in it. My heart goes out to you Ann, in your grief, and your to your children.

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Emily Hatch said...

What a beautiful tribute Kris. Your skillful and loving portraits will mean even more to the families now. My heart goes out to them all.