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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Senior Portraits (Salt Lake professional photography)

Let's face some facts here about senior portraits:
  • You only graduate from high-school once. This is a major life milestone.
  • You will never again look like you did when you were 18.
  • Your kids will look at your senior portraits as a baseline for what you looked like when you were young (I know this because I remember pouring over my parents' yearbooks, trying to imagine them as young people.)
  • This will also probably be the last time your portraits will be all about you. After graduation, most people don't really have professional images taken of themselves until they get married.
  • Senior portraits are fun, full of energy, and all about your personality, hopes, and future.
I will never forget (and always hate) my senior portraits.
I had the Mary Kay lady come to my house to do a "make-over" which essentially made me look like the entire Mary Kay sample box exploded and I was caught in the shrapnel. I had them taken at the school from the contract photographer, and only have that one horrible, mass-produced, flatly lit head-shot, with a not-even-convincing fake smile as a monument to my final year in public education. There was no personality, it didn't even really look like me! I wish so bad that I would have known then what I know now - especially what constitutes a good photograph! I wish I would have done something that displayed my interest as an artist, me with my best girlfriends, or ANYTHING except this awful grip and grin. Ah, well, water under and all that... sigh*

Lucky for you, in honor of my regret, I am offering the following Senior Portrait Packages so you don't have to suffer the same mistake I did:

Option 1. Your custom portrait commission (session) plus a gorgeous contemporary album with 20 of your favorite images, and 50 personalized rep cards: $395.

Option 2. Your portrait commission plus a 20 inch, framed storyboard portrait of your three favorite images and 25 custom graduation announcements: $269.

Option 3. Your portrait commission plus a wheelbarrow full of wallet sized portraits (not literally - you get to choose 5 different images, 8 wallets of each): $159.

These packages will only be available until June 1st, and I have very limited availability between now and then. Also, if you are going to mail out announcements before graduation, you will want to do your session about 4 weeks earlier to allow time for processing and shipping.

This is how I WISH my senior portraits had turned out:

This is B. She has been working for the past 6 months for me doing photo assisting, babysitting, lawn and yard care, and odd house jobs (including cleaning my bathrooms.) I've been paying her in photo credit towards her senior portraits. One trait that I really admire in a person is the ability to work hard and on their own motivation, and B has certainly proved that come June, she has the will and ability to succeed after high-school. Good luck, woman! I love you!


Miss Megan said...

I think your senior pic turned out cute...You are very photogenic! I'm sure as a photographer its easy to criticize and wish you could have done it differently. And yes, it looks like many other senior portraits out there (mine included). But I understand what you're saying and I WISH I had cute pics like the ones you took of B. Don't worry about entering me in the contest - just wanted to add my two cents. Love you! xoxo

angela said...

pretty! your a wonderful photographer! these are awesome! i want you to do my pictures for me! :)