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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dance Season Has Begun! (Utah Dance Portraits)

Thanks Miss S for being my guinea pig today, and helping me get my lights just right. You are so gorgeous!

If I disappear for a while, it's because over the course of the next three months, I have the amazing opportunity of photographing around 1000 of these beauties. I love my dance studios! I will try to check in every so often, and hopefully post a few. If you haven't heard from me by June, please send someone to find me and dig me out! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! It is so beautiful!
- S's Mom

Melodee said...

Stunning! (As always.) I can't wait to see how ours turn out! It was so fun to see you again!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture Miss S! Aunt PJ