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Friday, January 28, 2011

Imaging USA and the Awards Ceremonies

I finally got some images ready from Imaging USA and the two awards ceremonies that I attended in San Antonio this year. There are a bunch more posted on Facebook, so if you want see more, friend me there.

This is me being recognized with the other Diamond Level Photographers of the Year. Out of thousands of word-wide entrants, there were only 7 of us who achieved this honor (someone is missing in the photo.) I was totally star-struck by the people on this stage. Afterwards, we were recognized with the Grand Imaging Award winners.

Images © Chris Hanoch.

My amazing husband presented me with 50 diamonds to commemorate the event. I'm telling you, he is so awesome they should just define the word with his name. He spent the whole week with me in San Antonio, making this the best convention I've ever attended. He will need to watch out, or I just might have to take him every year.

The next night, I received my Master of Photography degree. My dear friend Allison (who incidentally is the only woman in the state of Utah who has her Master, her Craftsman, and her Certified Professional Photography certification) was my sponsor, meaning she was the one to put the Master ribbon around my neck. Our other dear friend Heather has some awesome video of the actual ceremony, and I'll post it if I can figure that out too. These are my girls, my sounding boards, and my co-plotters of evil plans... I love you guys.


Emily Hatch said...

Kris, I am so freaking proud of you. You are an inspiration, and it's been fun to see you advance so quickly. Way to go!

aurra said...

Congratulations to the most amazing photographer on this planet and amoungst the galaxy far, far away. You always blow us away with your work!