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Monday, January 31, 2011

Boudoir Photography - Solutions to your fears

I love boudoir photography. I feel like giving a woman the gift of feeling beautiful is one of my sacred responsibilities as a professional photographer. I have noticed, however, that many women would like to give their husbands a gift of intimate portraits but there are several misconceptions holding them back. I'd like to bust a couple of myths about boudoir photography:

Myth #1 - "I am too fat to have any kind of portrait done - let alone images of my body!!"
Let's face it - this is probably the number one concern - and it's also the one that makes me the most angry. Without going into long rantings and ravings about our society's distorted conception of beauty, let me just say that every woman is beautiful no matter what the scale says. That being said, because I am a professional, I know how to light and pose you to make you look your very best. I've been studying light, shade and contour for over 12 years and I will make you feel beautiful, guaranteed.

Myth #2 - You have to wear lingerie in a boudoir portrait session.
WRONG! You can wear what ever you are comfortable in. I once had an awesome gal wear snow pants to her boudoir session because her husband thought her derrière looked hot in them. I've had woman wear their husband's button up dress shirts. There is no reason to reveal more than you are comfortable revealing. In fact, I often feel like less skin is more and you should leave plenty to the imagination. If you have a rockin pair of sweats that make you feel like Sunday afternoon - that is what you should wear!

Myth #3 - A boudoir portrait session will be very awkward.
Again, I am a professional, and will treat you with respect and sensitivity. We can do the session in your home where you are comfortable, or in my home studio if you need to get away from anyone particular. I would LOVE to do a boudoir session in a hotel room. The session will be fun, relaxed and make you feel like a million bucks.

Myth #4 - What on earth am I going to do with these portraits?? I'm not hanging one in my house!
I totally get this concern, but I have come up with all kinds of small, intimate products that can easily be stashed in the special drawer at home, hubby's glove compartment, or in a desk drawer at the office. A slideshow DVD would be a great way to start an evening after the kids have gone to bed! Call me for particulars about boudoir products - I have lots of great ideas.

If you would like to have me create an amazing gift for your Valentine this year, I need to book your portrait session by the 5th of February, and yes, I will fit you in! I am not charging any session fees for boudoir portrait sessions, all I ask is a $100 deposit towards your portrait order. Can't make it this week? How about a Gift Card for your Valentine, and you BOTH come to the session! Those would be portraits you could cherish as a couple forever. Let me hear your concerns, your questions, and your ideas! - Kris


Annie-Staten said...

Oooh! I think I'm going to send you a message about his via fb! :)

HOTMAMA said...

I believe every woman should do this. I have to admit I was all nerves. This was the first time I had met Kris and she was awesome and we have grown our relationship. To this day my hubby still takes his book with him on business trips. He is also asking when the second addition come out :-)