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Friday, November 5, 2010

Random act of Kindness & Generosity (Utah Family Photography)

Sometimes I'm completely blown away by the generosity of others. This evening I got to help my long-time friend, fellow U of U art department graduate, and photographer with her family portraits. We went to a local urban street, and I was setting up in front of what appeared to be an abandoned building. Imagine my surprise when two charming men popped out of the doorway, and asked what we were doing. I asked if we could have permission to shoot in front of their building, and they kindly said, "Sure!" After we were done there, one of the gentlemen asked if I would like to see a really cool brick wall to use. We followed him through an alley-way and finished up our little portrait session. I was kind of in "photo" mode, so I didn't really look around until after we were done. The place was amazing! Graffiti walls, old peeling paint, brick and plaster everywhere... and I could tell it was all done to accommodate portraits. Come to find out, the gentleman is Al Thelin, another local photographer who has been teaching photography for over 20 years, and has at least double that experience behind the camera. He basically let me have access to his private outdoor studio free of charge for about an hour. What an amazing individual, and what an awesome experience.


Heather Cook said...

These are really beautiful, fabulous job Kris!

Jean said...

Great creative pictures!