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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time Goes Marching On (Utah Family Photography)

The last time I created a family portrait for the A family, it was with my Hasselblad 501C. I remember buying that camera thinking, "this is the last camera I will ever have to buy." The medium format Giant has been around for decades, and I thought once I owned one, it would all be lights, lenses, and backdrops from there. Didn't quite turn out that way, did it? As a professional digital photographer, I'm looking at the realization that I will probably have to replace my camera every 4-5 years (if I'm lucky and the technology lasts that long.) I sold that 501C to be able to buy my current workhorse, and every once in a while I miss it, and wish I had held onto it. Not today, but sometimes.

"A" family, it was so great to see all the kids again! I still can't get over the shock of S driving the family van, and the knowledge that someday that'll be MY son in the driver's seat (shudder!) I usually don't like BW images in the fall landscape (seems kind of off the point to me) but this close-up of your faces seemed so timeless in the classic medium, I just love it - I love that you are all laughing, and that C FINALLY smiled for me. I'm sure I was being extremely ridiculous at that point.

One of my all-time favorite couple portraits. This images speaks volumes about your relationship, your family, and your lives.

I also loved our furry friends who were not spooked by us at all, and just ignored our loud obnoxious noises while muching away at the leaves. Too funny!

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