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Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Camp Half-Blood Campers

We got a little star-struck this evening. My Mom, kids, and I got to meet Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series, the Kane Chronicles, and the new Camp Half-Blood series, The Heroes of Olympus. If you don't know already, we are major fans of Rick Riordan's books, and even have custom camp tee-shirts that we had made by Zeus Tees.

We read in the newspaper last night that The King's English Bookshop was hosting this ticketed event today, so I rushed up there this morning to get our tickets. Coolest... Bookstore... Ever! I have to say, I was dying to just stay and browse all day, but I had a preschooler to pick up, so I didn't get the chance. Anyone want to make a book date to go explore it with me? We met a few of the owners at the event tonight, and felt like we had just reconnected with old friends. They had great reading recommendations, and said they have signing events like tonight's all the time, especially with local authors. I got on their mailing list immediately.

Anyway, the event with Mr. Riordan tonight was fantastic! He spoke for a few minutes about how he started the Percy Jackson series, and why he decided to continue writing about Camp Half-Blood. He was so entertaining to listen to, and my kids were enthralled with every word he said. They were quoting him the whole time we stood in line for our book-signing. I printed my two Percy Jackson portraits that I did last spring, and gave him copies. I was so nervous, I can't even remember what he said to me!! Then my kids got to meet him, and I couldn't even remember how to operate the stupid point and shoot camera, and my hands were shaking so bad that all I got were two lousy photos that aren't that great, but at least I got a couple. All in all, it was a fantastic evening, and the best part was sharing it with my children.

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Jessica said...

Nice! Your kids look totally stoked. (So does Mom!)