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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't Fear the Rain Clouds (Utah Family Photography)

Ok, can you guys just tone down the good-looking for a minute. You're making me look WAY too good, here. Seriously, I am grateful we at least share the same gene pool, because you have got a whole lot of gorgeous going on. I am so glad we decided to brave the rain and just do it! Rain always makes the colors pop and the lighting soft and pretty. I'll be in contact soon when the rest of the previews are ready. Your family is a delight, and I am deeply humbled and honored that you continue to trust me to capture your outstanding good-looking selves. Thanks, A&A!


Kimber said...

What a good lookin' crew! You have a bee.you.tee.full family! And your photographer did a great job too.

Emily Hatch said...

I love the location for this session! It's a refreshing change. Great session Kris!