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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Had a great vacation in Mesa with my family! We stopped by the grand canyon on the way home because the kids have never seen it. I had to post this image just because it makes me laugh how much like a tourist I become when I'm behind a camera on vacation. In fact, there were about 25 people right on the point of the south rim, and I had to elbow my way past everyone to get take the exact same photo that everyone else there was taking. You can almost hear me saying, "Ok, kids, go stand over there by your dad! Look right here! I said LOOK HERE! Ok, fine, don't look! Son, stop acting like you're falling off the Grand Canyon and just hold still. Fine, don't hold still. Ok, ready, one, two... wait, let this nice family from Japan walk by first. Ok, now everyone look here! Look at me! Fine, don't look... one, two, three!" *click* That's right, I'm a professional.

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Ann Marie said...

Cute! Touristy and all!