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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Treading Water (Utah Dance Photography)

If it seems like I've disappeared, it's because I have - under a gigantic ocean of dance portraits! Last year I had one large dance studio with around 230 students, and one small studio of about 30. This year, I have photographed over 500 dance students, and I'm just over half done. If you know anything about KD Portraits, you know that this whole operation is run by ONE woman - me. I feel like I'm treading water, keeping up on everything, but it is an enormous effort to stay there. I'll get a brief break this weekend and then it'll be another wave of fun next week. If you see me go under, please send a dinghy.

Today I had the most fun photographing my youngest daughter's first dance class. Their studio picked a "Circus" theme this year, and when I found this gorgeous horse in the classifieds, I had to buy it for the occasion. My kids have named her "Sally" and she normally sits in our dining room, ready in case anyone needs a quick ride accompanied by a pipe-organ version of "Over the Waves." I love how gloriously colorful her set turned out. I LOVE bright color!


Heather Cook said...

I am so excited! The horse looks great! Fun Fun Fun! I love the umbrella touch too! I can't wait for emilee's!

jo ann poulsen said...

It is so cute. Jo Ann Poulsen