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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheeky Little Girl (Utah Newborn Photography)

This session was about a month ago, and I apologize, M for not posting it until now. Man, I love those cheeks! I can't wait to finish big bro's album, and start hers! I love your kids.

I am working on a new website, and a wedding album, and it seems like I have no additional time for posting. I am also working on some great new backdrops for the studio, and I am going to need models for some personal projects coming up. In other words, the pot is a-stewing, so stay tuned for some really great things coming up!


Ruth H. said...

Oh, your pictures make me so baby hungry, Kris. Love these.

Brekke Felt said...

These are so precious! Love the eye contact in that first shot. Simply s beautiful little girl!

Angie Blackburn said...

you need models for personal projects?? ideas are brewing?? you know how i love that! any need of a fat pregnant lady to pose for you?- yes that would be me... me and my belly would love to help! :)