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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Second Chance (Utah Wedding Photography)

This gorgeous couple was married two years ago, and unfortunately, didn't have the budget then to hire a professional photographer for their wedding day. Since they just had their two-year anniversary, they decided to treat themselves to a portrait session in their wedding attire as a gift to themselves. I can't even begin to tell you how emotional I got watching them together, and how hard it was for me to edit this session. I literally teared up while sorting through the images because of how much love these two have for each other, and how much faith they have in me. Man, I love you guys!

This was B's bridal portrait (and my first blog post!) for which we wanted to create a companion image of the both of them together. I have always loved this image, but I gotta say, I love the one of you two together even more.

I'm only about 1/3 through the session, and I'm sure I will want to post a few more images later. Keep checking back!

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Anonymous said...

She Shoots.....She SCORES!....And the crowd goes WILD!! WOW!! And that ladies and gents is why you don't go anywhere else! These are amazing Kris! More than I could've hoped for which is what I always get from you! I can't wait to see the rest!