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Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Cycling Fun (Utah Bike Photography)

Man, I love my job. This is a continuation of the commercial work I'm doing for IDS. I got to photograph a race last week. It was last minute (we decided around 3:00 that I needed to shoot that day at 6:00.) and I had to throw my kids onto my poor friend who'd already had a rough day, and I had to sandwich the race in between another session, and a meeting - but it was SO worth the effort to get there! I had a great time, and was able to just relax and focus on creating art. Our goal with this session was to get a lot of movement, a sense of motion. So even though many of the photographs aren't crystal sharp like I'm used to creating, they are still very vibrant and very effective, i.m.h.o. Way too much fun!

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Emily Hatch said...

I love these, and am totally jealous of this commercial job! Where were you standing when you got the overhead shot? Very cool. And yes, very vibrant and effective!