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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Little Blue House

We were guests at the Little Blue House and of our Auntie and Uncle P for two days of our mega-vacation. I wish we could have seen you guys while we were there! Maybe we'll just have to suck it up and buy Disneyland season passes so we can see you lots and lots. We had a great time in your charming little chateau. I'm kind of bummed because I know K2 was taking all sorts of detail shots of your house, but I can't find them! I think she must have deleted them... sad.

K2 is my little blooming photographer. She did some amazing shots on the cruise I'm going to post later. Check out my hand-spread! You can tell I'm used to a bigger camera.

K3 had the BEST time picking your "flowers". I was going to leave them in a vase for you, but she insisted on bringing them into Disneyland with us. I'm sure they appreciated the seeds in their gardens.


Bradley Ferreira said...

Wonderful! (as always)

rachel thurston said...

I can't believe we weren't there! my house looks like it loves you!! it's always happy when kids are mucking about.

love the shots!!!! I think I am going to steal them for my blog (credit to you of course).

next time lets both be there. love you guys.

Cams said...

I really enjoyed the flower shots.=) too precious.

Grant said...

Rad! Love these shots of people enjoying our house. So sad we missed you.