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Monday, April 6, 2009

Not your typical newborn portrait (Utah horse photography)

I was so lucky to be able to do a different kind of session on Friday. I was introduced to a fabulous woman who raises Arabian horses. She needed some portraits of her newborn filly to send to her buyers in Brazil, and liked some of my Switzerland horse images, so I got the job. WOW, can I just say how fun this was? I was completely out of my element, and really pushing hard to conform my usual style to a new kind of subject. Liz, I would be very honored to be invited again when your other lovely lady delivers in May.


What a sweetie! Look how much of her personality shows through in these images. She was so timid at first, and by the end she really warmed up to me, and even gave my lens a big kiss. She is such a beauty.


Ann Marie said...

OOooOOH!! I love these shots!
I will have to show my Aunt who trains horses.. SHE WILL LOVE THEM!

As always.. AMAZING WORK!
~ And I'm glad you know have a following button so I could see that you updated!

Bradley Ferreira said...
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Séverine said...

hey Kris, need you to come take pictures of my newborn filly, as cute as that one! Love from little Switzerland

Browne Towne said...

Kris, my friend, I will NEVER get over how amazing you are! It is such a treat for me everytime I look at your blog! What I wouldn't give to live in Utah!

Virginia Anne said...

I love these! You've stunned me again! It makes me want a pony - oh yeah I have .08 acres...