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Friday, February 20, 2009


Thanks alot, "ME" for your comment on the post below... you got me all thinking about where was I nine years ago? What was I photographing? The answer is weddings. I was actually thrilled that I had 4 weddings that summer. Here was my business card:

I had to edit the address and phone number because I was living with my in-laws back then, and I don't want anyone bugging them. ;-) If a business card says anything about you, then this says I was spending all my money on tuition, and not on graphic design. I love that the font is "Times New Roman" in italics - you know, so it looks fancy!

I was using my Hasselblad 501c with mainly the 150mm lens, and getting ready to graduate from the U of U. I did my first studio bridal portrait of one of my good friends who had suffered through the photography program and dark-room fumes with me (who remains a photographer today, and is one of the only friends from the U that I'm still in contact with - shout out to A!) Despite the fact that I had much to learn, I still like these images. I love that sassy attitude!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Don't be bored with my ramblings - go look at J&J again... they're hip and modern and fun and all that.


Mindy said...

Funniest thing-the other day we were looking through our old stuff and laughing at how far we had come. You are so great!

Angie Blackburn said...

what are you doing posting these!!!
i wish i had some pics of you to show. i loved doing that shoot. i was thinkng it would be fun to put on the dresss again and do some more photos. it's my 10 year anniversary next year..think of something we could do with the dress! (yes i think it still fits-kind of!)
thanks for the memories!!!!Ang