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Monday, February 16, 2009

Passion (Utah Portrait Photography)

I wanted to post this session for Valentine's Day, but I didn't have time before I went out of town. This is one of the most beautiful couples I've ever had the privilege to photograph. They are so in love, too! They are the perfect symbol of cupid's busy-work. Thank you both for this fun evening, and all the camera shop talk!

I also want to post my new blog title with these images. I decided to go with "A passion for people." I really wanted something to describe why I continue to divide my time between my children and this profession. The fact is that as much as I am addicted to really beautiful images, I am more addicted to the relationships with my clients that emerge from photographing them. Taking a person's portrait is a very intimate thing, I think, and most people feel very vulnerable sitting in front of a camera. I am always honored to be given the responsibility of capturing the souls of my subjects for their loved ones, and (even though I can get goofy during most sessions, just because I'm usually having a lot of fun!) I try not to take the opportunity too lightly. Many many thanks to everyone who gave suggestions, and the $50 portrait credit will go to Teralee for getting my brain on the right track with "passion." Congrats, Shugah!


Tammy J said...

Beautiful portraits

Ann Marie said...

As always... Beautiful pictures!
Love the new name! It fits!!

christycunn1 said...

These are wonderful!!! It makes me want to be in love!
I love your use of light.