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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A rose is a rose by any other name...

...but frankly, I'm really not really satisfied with my blog name "face and thoughts." I am not a wordsmith, and have a hard time conveying what I am thinking in type. So, here's the fun part: I am going to have a "Name the KD Portraits Blog" contest! To submit an entry, just comment to this post with your suggestion for my blog name. I will choose my favorite and reward the winner with a $50 portrait gift certificate, and all appropriate bragging rights. Get those creative juices flowing, and tell everyone you know to enter!! I love a variety of choices, so enter more than once if you want. Deadline for entries is Valentine's Day (Feb 14.) and I'll change the blog then. And because posts without images are boring, here's one of my Switzerland images that I've revisited. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

How about "Pics & Pans"... referring to your pictures, which you post often, and your opinions about various things you might decide to blog about.

Aunt Suzanne

Browne Towne said...

How about...Tiffany Browne??? I think it's perfect! ha ha I'm not creative so....hopefully others are better than me!!!

jungleprincess said...

How about "penning about my passion"--I really do see your love for what you do through your commentary about your work. Way to go, photographer of the year!

Me said...

I've been thinking about this all day and I keep coming back to 'moments in time.' I was thinking snapshots in time, but yours aren't snap shots. You take all kinds of pictures that capture something at one particular moment whether it is a person, animal, flower, etc. The pictures you take of my kid seem to capture them at different 'moments' of their lives.

Ah, this just in.....what about 'captured moments' too?

I told you that I am so not creative!

jungleprincess said...

Another one I thought of, kind of like the other one: "posting about my passion"

Ann Marie said...

I am not so creative either!
My thoughts:
1 similar to Katie's..
*Celebrating Moments..
( great minds think alike Katie)
I liked it because we are celebrating moments, and you are capturing it! :)

I also have
* Work of Art
* Keeping memories & Documenting Life (KD)
* The Talent of KD

I know.. I'm lame.. But I tried for the good discount! :)

Me said...

Ok, last time I comment here, I promise. I just couldn't sleep last night and my brain was running wild. So I have 3 more:

1)Precious moments (or memories)-because to me, my photos are my most prized posessions and they are the one thing that I try to save if anything ever happened to my house. You just have a way of capturing very 'precious moments' too.

2)In the eye of the beholder-I know this means how something is seen or percieved according to each individual. There have been many times that I see one thing in a picture and you see something completely different. We all take in something different for each photo-at least I think we do.


3)Remember the time...-My kids were my inspiration for this one. They are always looking at different photos (both yours and my not-so-good ones) and the always say 'Member when we went to Disneyland and rode the scary ride.' Or "I remember when we went up in the leaves and the water and had our pictures taken." Each photo brings back memories, but isn't that what they are supposed to do?

Ok, that's it-I promise!

Jessica said...

I don't think I can compete with the above entries, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Memoirs of a Portraitist

(It sounds best with an English Accent!)


Me said...

I lied. 2 more and then I'm done....

1)Picture this...
2)A picture is worth a 1000 words....

Peter Loosli said...

The Doman Nation

Thoughts from Summer said...

How 'bout something to do with perspective.

'In Perspective'

'Keeping it in perspective'

Kristen said...

What about Talking Pictures or Moments Behind the Lens?

Chady said...

All of these are so good...don't know if I can compete, but for you I will try. How about something with expressions...Like:
"Expressions in Time"
"Catching your every Expression"
"Expressions...yours and
"Photographic Expressions"
"Eye of Expression"
"Beyond Expressions"
"Expressions by Kris"
"KD Expressions"

okay there is my rant with expression. lol
Good luck, hope you find a good one!

Anonymous said...

Get Mugged!
Moods and Mugs
Mug Shots
The Face Place
Giggles and Grins

How that for a quick brainstorm!


Sarah Jayne said...

What about Creating Lasting Memories, Lasting Memories, Moments in Time, or Captured Moments.