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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hugs and Kisses still available

I've got the sets for my Hugs and Kisses event all done! Thanks everyone for all your great comments on the color themes. I gotta admit, I couldn't choose, so I built BOTH! I know, I know, totally overboard, but I couldn't help myself. When I get a kooky creative idea like this, it kind of takes over and holds my brain hostage until I follow it through to completion. I also must add that these sets are FANTASTIC (if I do say so myself.) If you haven't taken advantage of this event yet, you are really missing out! I have a few appointments left, and it's only $35 for a session and 5x7 portrait. Call me if you want a place at the event: (801) 556-1661.

Here is one of the Valentine card designs I have created just for this event. Twenty-five of these double-sided, full-color postcards AND envelopes are only $19.95 when ordered in conjuction with the Hugs and Kisses event. Can you imagine how special your child will feel passing these out to his/her friends at school? Besides three card designs, I also have a set of 50 bookmarks available for slightly more.


Me said...

I can't wait. The sets are beautiful. Sorry too about waking you!

Ann Marie said...

Darling! Darling!