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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charming Beyond Words

I've had the great joy of photographing these kids several times over the last several months, and this afternoon, while my daughter sat on my lap, watching me process the images, she said, "That's my E! That's my T!" I feel the exact same way. These two and their parents are mine too. Not just my clients, but my dear friends... my other kids. I see them more often than some of my nieces and nephews! :-) They are very charming children, too, and so willing to work with me to give their mom amazing, sweet, priceless images of themselves. These gorgeous Hugs & Kisses portraits are so fun! Who could resist a Valentine request from either of these angels?

I figured it out, so I had to go back and repost these bigger!


Bruce Jolley said...

Kris cute images. Also congrats on your PTY (Photographer of The Year).
You deserve it, we think you are one of the top photographers around.

Me said...

Boy, I am soooo unattractive right now. Maybe I just see all the puffy prego face. I LOVE the ones of the kids though. I've been checking multiple times a day to see these and now I am even getting more anxious to see the rest! Fantastic job-as always!

Ann Marie said...

Awwww cute!!
My favorite is the one with you Katie! Silly girl.. You look pretty! Very pretty!