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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Field is White

Below is one of those rare post-production gems. I had to take a couple mug shots for his mission president, and after reviewing them, I totally fell in love with the light and expression in this one. I feel like it has so much story in it, and transcends its original purpose to the point of becoming a really unique work of art! It completely satisfied my need to be creative and expressive this week. Thanks for your amazing mug, B!
This guy is pretty darn awesome, and I know I'll probably embarrass him by saying that, but it's true. I have watched him grow from a shy teen to a confident, impressive young man. I wish him the best of luck in the next couple years as well as the rest of his life. I have no doubt he'll succeed in anything he wants to!


Ann Marie said...

Ok. He would be embarrassed by me saying so, but I got teary eyed at this post.
The first one with the light on his face, was as if a Heavenly being was in front of him.

He is such an awesome kid, and we are so proud of his decision to serve for 2 years. I know his family will be abundantly blessed for the decision he is making.
B is an awesome kid.
Once again.. Great job Kris.
Great photos.

Julie said...

Kris, wow and double wow! You are such an unbelieveable talent.
You have taken our super wonderful son and made him look like the missionary we know he can be. Your kindness and thoughtfulness has been so appreciated by our family. Thank you for all you have done to bless our lives. We love the four photo's and can't wait to see the rest.
With love and appreciation,
B's family

Me said...

Those turned out really good. I loved them. I'm glad they weren't the traditional pose with him reading from the BOM