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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Growing Pains

I think I'm the last photographer I know of to switch from a PC to a Mac. My abomination of a PC this past week finally convinced me that it was inevitable, so I went out on Monday and bought a brand new, shiny iMac. I gotta say, it's so PRETTY! Anyway, now I'm trying to sort through all the problems of changing platforms, and still trying to juggle my holiday workload, so if I seem to disappear for a while, that's why. I will try to keep up with my posting, but with the lab deadline looming in front of me, I honestly don't know how often that will be. Please be patient and know that I'm working hard to get everyone's portraits finished by Christmas.

I want to quickly post these images of a sweet girl I met in Switzerland. She had me create these portraits just a couple days before I came home, and I haven't even had a chance to post them yet. Thanks, B for this opportunity! Even in the pouring rain, you look fantastic.


Me said...

Take your time. We (I) don't want a frazzled photographer!

But enjoy your new computer-it is pretty.

Misty said...

THose are beautiful pictures Kris - but of course you always do a great job!

Ann Marie said...

The pictures are so beautiful the background looks almost fake. I can't wait to oneday go to Europe and see such beauty!!