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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final Session of the Fall Season

Last Saturday was the last day to have a portrait session created in time to receive finished portraits by Christmas, and this was my last session of the day. In spite of cold fingers and runny noses, I really enjoyed this session. It was at a location that is very popular in our county, but I have never shot there before, so now I can say I have! I love walking into a challenge like this - not knowing beforehand where I'm going to shoot, because it really forces me to look at the lighting first, and the background second. Lighting is the very most important variable to consider when creating portraits, and we had some FANTASTIC light on Saturday! Thanks so much, H family for spending a couple of goofy hours with me, and for making me feel funny.


Shahana said...

nice shots!

Anonymous said...

Kris you are Amazing. I love all the pictures!!! You are Awesome

Emily Hatch said...

Kris, I really like this session. Where is the location? (spill it sistah)

Ann Marie said...

Darling shots!
Each one looks great!!