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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Switzerland part II

Day 2: Saturday
What is my very favorite part of Switzerland so far? It has to be the hospitality of our hosts, and along with that, their cheese!

I am a total cheese fanatic, and this is by far some of the best cheese I have ever tasted. The area we are in is very agricultural, with farms and cows and horses everywhere. They put bells on their cows that are unlike any cow bells in the USA. These bells are so melodic, when evening hits, you can hear them chiming all over the mountains like wind chimes. It's the best sound to fall asleep to!

We spent most of Saturday going to a local farm and touring its milking facilities. On the way there, we drove to the top of a mountain and climbed a tower that was a project of an architectural student, no more than 19-years old. You could see quite far from the top.

We also stopped at a place in the forest called "Peace Rock." I'm a lousy tourist, because I don't know why it's called that.

After touring the dairy farm, we had a fantastic (and I mean FANTASTIC!) dinner given to us by the dairy farmer's family. People here seem to love to cook, eat and visit a long time, because we didn't finish dinner until about 10:30, and by then I was very tired and had food coma. Well, we started back home, and some of the people in our party wanted to walk off some of dinner, so our Host, F, took us on a stroll literally through the forest and over the mountain. It was a little freaky because we had flashlights, but didn't use them the whole time. I wished we had after stepping in warm fresh cow pies several times. Anyway, we only met a few Swiss Bears (the kind with the bells) along the way, and made it home safely.
I know I'm a day behind, but I haven't had time to just blog because they've had something going for us every day all day since we got here. I hope we get some slack time tomorrow. Did I
mention how good the food is? I'll tell you about the cheese fondue tomorrow... Stay tuned!

P.S. R3 I bought you a present today. You are going to love it....


veggy said...

i like muenster cheese it rockss

Me said...

You are making me so jealous, I can't stand it anymore. Be sure to bring home lots of Swiss Chocolate (it's better then the cheese)!

Allison said...

Oh man Kris! I bet you are savoring every minute of this carefree, I mean childfree, vacation. What an adventure! Can't wait for part 3. Live it up! Eat it up! Savor every minute. Your picture are incredible!

Fam in Real Life said...

Your Pics are incredible! WOW!!
Still interested in the school pictures. Call me when you get home! Lori